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Complete Pool Renovations

The rarest ability to provide Tucson with pool tile cleaning (White Ring). We do not use GLASS BEADS and no need to entirely drain your pool/spa. We use a mobile filtration unit which filters our product and saves your water!In Tucson, there is no company that can match us! Arzate Design Group offers an advanced method of pool tile cleaning and restoration that produces incredible results using a unique blend of products. Majority of the mix is the beginning stages of mine salt, NO GLASS BEADS. We first drain the pool/spa to just below the tile line (saving tons on water and money). We then remove the calcium line with our mix through a high pressure system. Finally we use a 5 stage mobile filtration unit to extract the Calcium/Media particles and return fresh water into your pool. Again, compared to traditional methods that require the entire pool to be drained, our process will save you water, time and of course money.

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